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Lauren D. Voswinkel

Lauren D. Voswinkel

Let's Continue to Talk About Pay

On International Workers' Day I asked the world to #talkpay, and many people did. Pay transparency is critical in order to address pay inequity in our field, as well as others, but there's more to it than that. I'd like to discuss why this taboo surrounding pay got started, illustrate just how concerted of an effort there is to prevent workers (including tech workers) from pushing for higher pay, and why, exactly, we NEED to talk about pay.

Speaker Bio

Lauren D. Voswinkel has spoken at numerous conferences, including, GoRuCo 2013; Ruby Nation 2013: Open Source Bridge 2014, 2015; Madison Ruby 2014; RubyConf AU 2015; and soon AlterConf Toronto.

She has also acted as a speaking mentor at Write/Speak/Code