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Mariko Kosaka

Mariko Kosaka

Re-inventing the Rosetta Stone Together

Many tech projects are anglocentric. The de facto language used to develop and document a project is English, and it is often overlooked that a project is used largely by non-English speaking communities.

We programmers like to think "code is the universal language," but getting to speak code still involves overcoming language barriers. Even after you speak code, your experience working on project involves a lot of cultural references and language use specific to English. So let's pause for a moment talking about the newest features and technical specs, look at the experience of a silent majority, and talk about how we can welcome them to your project today!

Speaker Bio

Mariko Kosaka is a software engineer who loves data and knitting. When she is not coding applications for other people, she uses code to help her design textiles, and organize local meetup BrooklynJS.