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Tute Costa

Tute Costa

Welcoming People (and Other Hard Problems)

We interact with people in chat rooms, issue trackers, pull requests, discussion boards, meetups, hallways, or conferences.

How do we provide feedback constructively? Are we perceived as friendly as we think we are? How exactly do our cognitive biases unconsciously affect our human interactions? How do we become conscious of them? What assumptions does our language carry?

Effective communication is critical particularly for project leaders. As leaders, we open the doors to our gardens, and the first interactions define the tone for the group, shaping today's atmosphere as much as tomorrow's. In this talk, we'll explore how to communicate effectively. Always, and with everyone.

Speaker Bio

Tute Costa studied Computer Sciences in Argentina, worked on and contributed to different open source projects, and now works at thoughtbot NYC. He released a beta version of the book "Maintaining Open Source Projects", where he covers mainly the non-technical aspects of the job.