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Lyn Muldrow

Lyn Muldrow

BlackGirlMagic: Being the only brown engineer

In an industry best suited for white and asian men where diversity is no more than a buzzword and dataset for most companies, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle, fetishized, and pushed to the side as a black woman in tech.

In both open source communities and in the workforce, black women are often excluded, misunderstood, or subject to conscious and unconscious bias that unduly effects their work effort and performance. Our feelings are to be kept at bay, lest we'd be deemed argumentative, uncooperative, or bitchy.

Dealing with being an 'only' has social, emotional, and other implications, and my talk will seek to illuminate a few of these feelings, while giving actionable advice on how to have empathy, understanding, and social graces when encountering and being an 'only.'