Open Source and Feelings Open Source & Feelings

OSFeels 2016 Conference Schedule

July 22nd

 8:00 AM

60 minutes

Registration & Coffee

Coffee and tea provided

 9:00 AM

15 minutes

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Day 1 of Open Source & Feelings

 9:15 AM

40 minutes

Nicole Sanchez

Inclusion, Diversity's Less-Understood Sibling

 9:55 AM

35 minutes

Shawn Rider

Work is Not a Dare: Tips for Building Inclusive Teams

10:30 AM

20 minutes

coffee coffee coffee (and tea! and hot chocolate! WITH MARSHMALLOWS!)

Now with 100% more happiness and mingling!

10:50 AM

20 minutes

Jennifer Tu

Web Forms: When Someone's Gender is Your Business

11:10 AM

20 minutes

Christine Bryant-Ryback

Standing Desks and Free Pizza: Body Image Negotiations in Tech Spaces

11:30 AM

30 minutes

Caroline Moore

Burnout and the Cult of Busy

12:00 PM

120 minutes


The second most important meal of the day.

 2:00 PM

20 minutes

Rebecca Turner

Unpopular Tech and Why It Was AMAZING

 2:20 PM

40 minutes

Dusty Burwell

The Automation Revolution

 3:00 PM

20 minutes

Lindsey Wilson

Why I'm Bringing Robots to Prison

 3:20 PM

30 minutes


Friends and chats.

 3:50 PM

30 minutes

Lauren Scott

How To Be Everything: A Look At The Way We Give Advice

 4:20 PM

30 minutes

Kronda Adair

Expanding your empathy

 4:50 PM

10 minutes


July 23rd

 8:30 AM

30 minutes


Say hello to your conference friends!

 9:00 AM

10 minutes

Good Morning!

Welcome to Day 2 of Open Source & Feelings

 9:10 AM

20 minutes

Emily Martinez

Open Ambiguity: Love, Labor, Exhaustion and Resistance in an Openwashed World

 9:40 AM

30 minutes

Courtney Eckhardt

Complex System Failures and Blameless Retrospectives

10:00 AM

15 minutes

Coffee / Tea / Cocoa Break

Streeetch and get some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

10:15 AM

30 minutes

Nat Tarnoff

Venn and the Art of Identity

10:45 AM

10 minutes

Lyn Muldrow

BlackGirlMagic: Being the only brown engineer

11:05 AM

115 minutes


The most important meal of the day.

 1:00 PM

40 minutes

Emily Gorcenski

The Ethics and Responsibilities of Open Source in the IoT

 1:40 PM

20 minutes

Amy Wibowo

Now We're Cooking With STEAM: Humanities in Computer Science Education

 2:00 PM

30 minutes

Natasha Marin

Digital Engagement, Community, & Imagination

 2:30 PM

20 minutes

Tammarrian Rogers

How To Contribute to a Project without Coding

 2:50 PM

40 minutes

Afternoon break!

Walk about and say hello whilst enjoying the afternoon sun.

 3:30 PM

30 minutes

Christie Koehler

When the Worst Happens: Moving Forward After the Unexpected Death of a Core Organizer

 4:00 PM

15 minutes

Short break

 4:15 PM

30 minutes

Forrest Lehwalder Norvell

empathy at scale

 4:45 PM

15 minutes